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out of ink

Each one of these pens has run out of ink.  And it made me think –  How long have they been there,  Piled together in my drawer,  Taking up space?   How long would they have been there?  Waiting only for the chance to be proven No longer useful,  Had I not taken the time … Continue reading out of ink


Months have passed since I wrote on this blog, much to my chagrin. I am not entirely surprised though; it is more often than I care to admit that my intended endeavours get left to starve while I am occupied elsewhere. In my “defense” much has happened in that time; namely, moving across the country. … Continue reading Ab/sin/ce


I seem to be the Queen of doing precisely what doesn’t work well for me Just like a machine programmed on repeat I’m stuck in the same pattern endlessly All that I sow, I continue to reap It’s impossible to dream when I can’t even sleep, I just close my eyes in defeat, too tired … Continue reading Stones

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