gotta go through it

Sometimes life calls to mind the “Goin’ on a Bear Hunt” song I remember singing when I was a kid.  You know the one where you’re slapping your knees and clapping, singing:

We’re goin’ on a bear hunt (we’re goin’ on a bear hunt),
We’re going to catch a big one (we’re going to catch a big one)
I’m not scared (I’m not scared),
What a beautiful day! (What a beautiful day!)

[insert obstacle here]
We can’t go over it.
We can’t go under it.
Oh no! What to do?
We’ve gotta go through it!

That’s life learning right there.  Sometimes the solution is just to go through the problems life throws at you; can’t skip them and go over them, can’t evade them and go around them, can’t pretend they don’t exist by going under them.  Just gotta go through them one step at a time.


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