desire will be the death of me

I am wrought with desire
on the verge of taking over my being.
How long can I resist the feeling…

Want. Want. Need. Want. Need.


My head is so heavy.
Distracted. Dazed. Drained.
Not an ounce of energy remains…
so much required to deny desire,
the desperate need inside of me.

I’ve been here before but I always lose the war.
Torn apart from the inside out.

What do I do to find a way through?

I resist the insatiable impulse,
but it feels like it could be the death of me.
Even though,
deep down,
I know that giving in is my undoing,
my mind broods in the misery
of desire unmet.

Hungry. Helpless. Frantic. Obsessed.

You are the death of me.


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