Emilee, who?

That’s a good question, and an odd one for me to answer since I am Emilee, the object being defined.

The best I can do – since I am still learning about myself anew each day as I grow and evolve and I also believe that definitions can be limiting – is list off a bunch of facts about myself that will give you at least a sense of “me.”

In short, I am a 20-some year old who loves to make stuff – namely music and jewelry, though I really just love the act of creating in general – but is stuck in her head probably around 85% of the time and experiences fairly intense bouts of depression and anxiety. I have Type 1 Diabetes and am affected by the lingering shadow of recovery from an eating disorder.  On a lighter note, I call myself a “dabbler” because I love to explore and experience new things. I cannot stand formulaic living. I drink copious amounts of tea and am a certified ballet instructor who performs in community theatre. I have dreams of making a living through an artistic lifestyle – being able to creatively express myself each day and have that art not only support me but impact the lives of others.

Perhaps we have some similar traits, and perhaps we do not. But ultimately I am just another human being. Though the specific circumstances of my life may be mine alone, their essence is part of the nature of the human experience that we all have in our own way, shape, or form.

As I share my journey – my musings, experiences, and lessons learned along the way – I hope that it will be able to relate to your own life. I hope that you’ll feel less alone if you are going through similar struggles and that my path will be able to inspire you in the steps you are taking on your own journey.