Months have passed since I wrote on this blog, much to my chagrin. I am not entirely surprised though; it is more often than I care to admit that my intended endeavours get left to starve while I am occupied elsewhere. In my "defense" much has happened in that time; namely, moving across the country. … Continue reading Ab/sin/ce



I seem to be the Queen of doing precisely what doesn't work well for me Just like a machine programmed on repeat I'm stuck in the same pattern endlessly All that I sow, I continue to reap It's impossible to dream when I can't even sleep, I just close my eyes in defeat, too tired … Continue reading Stones

Why it is Always Better to Have Hope, Even Against Your “Better Judgment”

For the "realists" out there who write off hope as a useless hoax...  I am here to argue that hope is not only fundamentally useful but is necessary for our growth. I acknowledge that hope does objectively involve a certain level of delusion, owing to the fact that it involves believing in what is ultimately … Continue reading Why it is Always Better to Have Hope, Even Against Your “Better Judgment”

“It’s Valentine’s Day – Do Something Special for Me!”

Today's Daily Prompt is Expectation and I am certain it was chosen intentionally for this day.  Valentine's Day is loaded with ardent idealism.  It is most definitely expected that couples will go on a romantic date and/or do something special for one another today. The danger is when it turns into: I Expect You to … Continue reading “It’s Valentine’s Day – Do Something Special for Me!”

I, myself, and me

I've been feeling so drab lately, like the pith of melancholic existence.  When I come across my reflection in a mirror, I am looking through dropped eyelids and sagging brows and my expression looks more forlorn than a dog who is not getting attention from its master.  I find myself wondering, "What the hell happened … Continue reading I, myself, and me